Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks 

Lots of research can be found that clearly shows that brain breaks increase academic achievement, help with concentration, boost on-task behaviour and improve student attitudes. 

brain breaks

This image shows how a simple 20 minute walk activates and stimulates the brain. Teachers may not have 20 minutes to devote to a brain break, but a shorter break is still benefical. Brain breaks increase oxygen and energy flow to the brain, which helps reduce young people's stress levels and helps them to re-focus.


GoNoodle is a free website that consists of a variety of break breaks which can be performed easily in the classroom. 

Yoga Brain Breaks

Use this brain break in the classroom and learn some yoga!

Cosmic Kids Yoga- We're Going on a Bear Hunt

On the spot BMX racing 


This video can be played for a simple brain break within the classroom. The young people pretend they are the BMX racer. When the video shows the bike going over a jump, the children must jump. When peddalling is occuring, the children must run fast on the spot. When the bike goes to left, the children must move to the left. This concept could be used with a variety of sports such as, skiing or even rugby. The young people simply watch the video whilst mimicking the actions. 

Awareness Tests 

Ask the young people to count the number of passes made by the players in the white T-shirts. See if they notice the added suprise! For more information on awareness tests click here