MindMate Chamions and MindMate Lessons

MindMate Chamions and MindMate Lessons

 MindMate Champions

 MindMate Champions is an evidence based self-evaluation, action planning and recognition programme for schools, SILCs and Children’s Centres and is part of the prevention element of Future in Mind: Leeds. A strategy to improve the social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) and wellbeing of children and young people aged 0-25 years.

 A MindMate Champion setting provides mental health awareness and support at an exemplary level. You will support the prevention of SEMH issues, get the correct support from outside agencies and will have successfully championed an evidence-based intervention on a particular topic. The Champions Programme is open to all Leeds schools, SILCs and Children’s Centres.

 MindMate Lessons:

 Written by a range of teachers, mental health professionals and consultants in partnership with other services and groups. They are designed to fit into your PSHE curriculum, in a modern, engaging and evidence based manner as part of the MindMate Champions whole school approach.

They have been designed with as much thought for ease of use for school staff as for teaching essential skills to pupils. You can filter for year group, download the PowerPoint lessons, lesson plans and resources all in one place.

You can also leave your thoughts, review and requests for us. We’d love to hear from you and any good ideas for improvements you might have. We will continuously add additions, improvements and amendments so please check back regularly for latest versions.

Find out more about MindMate Champions and MindMate Lessons by visiting our website.