Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education, can link many subjects to benefit both primary and secondary school pupils.

What is ‘outdoor education’?

The term ‘outdoor education’ embraces activities and experiences that:

  • normally take place in the outdoors;
  • frequently have an adventurous component;
  • generally involve physical activity; and
  • always respect the natural environment.

The activities include recognised sports with an adventurous component such as orienteering or sailing, outdoor leisure pursuits such as camping or hill walking, and outdoor activities purposely designed for their educational impact such as rope courses, trails and initiative challenges.

Outdoor education is primarily an approach to teaching and learning through these activities and experiences. The common thread is the focus on positive outcomes in personal and social education.

While outdoor education has a distinct identity and a distinctive educational contribution, there are significant overlaps between outdoor education, PE and Physical Activity.