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DO ... SRE for Secondary Schools

This one day course delivered in partnership with leading expert Justin Hancock (BISH training) aims to allow delegates to explore their own experiences of SRE, whilst also developing the knowledge and skills to deliver this topic using the DO… SRE resource. **Each attending delegate will receive a FREE hard copy of the Do… Resource** 


Individual experiences of SRE means some people can talk about sex frankly, whilst others might feel inhibited and a bit uncomfortable. In the classroom practitioners need to be able to call on their experience and teaching skills, but this can be difficult when teaching SRE if they haven’t had the chance to reflect on the topic for themselves.

This course therefore aims to get delegates to:
    • think about their own SRE education
    • think about their own attitudes and values in relation to SRE
    • explore the links between how they feel about themselves and how they deliver SRE
    • take part in activities included in the Do… SRE resource
    • understand how to approach SRE inclusively and effectively
    • reflect on what works for them in teaching SRE and how they can learn from each other
This course is suitable for practitioners from all Secondary schools/academies and alternative provision settings.
  • Course length: Full day
  • Theme: PSHE

We currently have no upcoming events for this course.