Training Courses

Packed Lunch Policy
Course length: Half day
Theme: Healthy Eating
Date: 06 July, 2017 09:30

Learn about how your school can improve the quality of packed lunches using the Leeds guidance and toolkit This event will follow of from the official launch of the new resources and provide you with all the skills, tools and confidence to really make a difference to packed lunches. The new policy promotes equality and inclusion for all, aiming to ensure that no child goes without good nutrition while they are at school and beyond the school gate.

NEW: The School Food Conference
Course length: Full day
Theme: Healthy Eating
Date: 05 December, 2017 09:30

'The school food standards, food policy and sugar reduction’. The School Food Conference will bring together key partners, experts and organisations, to share the latest information around the school food standards and local and national policy.

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  • Full Day £195 + VAT
  • Half Day £90 + VAT
  • Twilight £50 + VAT

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